Entry-Level Driver Class B Training Course


5-week course:  Mondays – Thursdays 7:30am-5:30pm

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Pre-requisites: CDL Permit, Federal Medical Physical, DOT Drug Screen Completed


Orientation, Control Systems/Dashboard, Vehicle Inspections, Basic Control, Transmissions, Backing/Docking, Visual Search, Communication, Distracted Driving, Speed ManagementSpace Mgmnt, Night Operation, Extreme Driving Conditions, Hazard PerceptionSkid Control, RR Crossings, ID of Malfunctions, Roadside Inspection, Maintenance, Handling Cargo, Environmental, Compliance, Hours of Service, Fatigue, Post Crash Procedures, External Communications, Whistleblower, Trip Planning, Drugs/Alcohol, Medical Requirements, Human Trafficking


Backing skills: 100’ Straight Back Offset Left and Right Parallel Parking (Sight & Blind) Alley (90° & 45°)

Driver Skills: Vehicle Inspections (pre,post,enroute) Basic Truck Maintenance

Behind The Wheel

Vehicle Controls , Transmission Use, Communications/Signaling, Visual Search, Speed and Space, Safe Driver Behavior Hours of Service(Logs), Hazards, RR Crossings, Night Operation, Extreme Driving, Conditions, Skid Control, Urban/Rush Hour Driving, Trip Planning , Extreme Hill Driving


  • Use of school training equipment and costs associated with operation
  • Pre-employment drug screen
  • 40 hours classroom/range instruction meeting ELDT training classroom requirements
  • 40 hours range/behind the wheel instruction meeting ELDT requirements
  • School provided truck and instructor for CDL testing for Wisconsin/Minnesota residents

Costs not included:

  • CDL permit and licensing fees
  • CDL Physical
  • Lodging