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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any obligation if I apply? 
No, there is no obligation whatsoever. We’re happy to present your options. We’re here to help you. 

My credit is fair, poor, or bad. Can I still qualify? 
Yes! Our lenders factor in a variety of information. Including the increased pay from your new career and training reimbursement from your employer. Unemployment OK. We’re providing opportunity and access to credit! 

How much can I borrow? What are the payments? What is the interest? 
You can borrow to pay for everything on your enrollment agreement. Minimum of $3,500 / Maximum of 7,500. Payments typically between $115 and 195 per month, depending on amount and term. 

What’s this I hear about training reimbursement? 
Great question! Many employers near you offer up to 100% of your loan in monthly reimbursement and bonuses. This is huge! In other words – paying for your CDLA loan can be zero dollars out-of-pocket. Ask your school placement officer how this works. 

What’s better, using my credit card or a loan? 
Usually a loan is better for your credit than running up your credit cards. Rating agencies such as Experian often look at credit utilization rates.

Does applying affect my credit score? 
No, applying does not affect your credit score. After you’ve been approved and you have accepted financing, a hard inquiry will be made to verify the information you’ve provided as part of the final approval process. Only then will this hard inquiry be reflected on your credit report. 

Can I apply if I have a discharged bankruptcy? Tax liens? 
Usually, providing that your bankruptcy is fully discharged. Unsatisfied tax liens and delinquent child support are disqualifiers. 

Can I have a cosigner? 

How long does it take to know if I’m approved? 
After your qualification and acceptance in to the program, we can usually process your financing application and get a decision within 1-3 business days. 

What happens after I’m approved? 
Your loan is funded to CDL Advantage and your fees for the program are satisfied. 

When do payments begin? 
For most students, your first payment is due 60 days after you sign your documents. Pay as you earn! 

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